We at Paradise Permaculture Institute (PPI) are a diverse group of professionals, amateurs, and volunteers working to bring a wealth of edible plant species, growing and propagating techniques, and season extension methods to gardeners, nurseries, our supporters, and our communities.  We do this by providing experiences, education, and demonstration sites to support SUSTAINABLE FOOD PRODUCTION. This is our passion and maybe it’s yours too–or can be! Please feel free to call Mona at 406-222-9999 with any questions or submit the form below.

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Upcoming PPI Workshops and Happenings

Food Forest in a Day: The Plan, the plants, the planting and the “why” behind it. Based on the work of Richard Walker’s 30 years of experience. The workshop will be held on April 22, 2017 Earth Day. REGISTER HERE.

Medicinal Herbs and Plant Walks: Identify, harvest and use with our Herb Specialist Bev Axelsen. The series will start in Spring 2017.

NEW! Paradise Valley PermaSprouts: What is the best way to spread the word about permaculture to really make a difference in our future? Permaculture for Children!

Paradise Transition Gardens: Assisting people without gardens or those switching to more sustainable practices to begin for ease of care and more abundant produce!

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Your donation in any amount will support the efforts of Paradise Permaculture Institute in the areas of transformational education, positive environmental change, organic agriculture, honoring biodiversity, creating self resiliency in food & energy supply, and empowering a new generation of cultural workers, designers, and teachers. Any surplus funds raised will go to the scholarship fund for future students to apply for grants for developing a permaculture garden in their neighborhood for the greening of our community. Please make a donation of whatever amount you choose.

Paradise Permaculture Institute is a 501c3 non-profit organization.

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Ph: 406-222-9999

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