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“Seed Extravaganza” Promotes Spring

The BoZone
Published: January 2016
Learn. Plant. Thrive.
Paradise Permaculture Institute’s 2nd Annual Seed Extravaganza sponsored by Planet Natural and Cashman Nursery will be held Saturday, January 30th, from 1-4:30pm at Elk River Books & Wheatgrass Saloon located at 120 N Main in Livingston.
Bring your own seeds if you have them, and envelopes or containers to collect them at the Seed Swap! Recycled junk mail envelopes work well. Paradise Permaculture Institute is pleased to present two excellent speakers at its 2nd Annual event. Thinking about saving seeds but don’t know where to start? From fruit harvest to extraction and storage of seeds, you’ll cover more basics than last year.  Read the full article here.

Feature article in the Park County Community Journal

“Thinking Spring, Livingston’s Paradise Permaculture Institute”

By Joyce Johnson, Park County Community Journal
Published: January 2016

Many of our favorite flowers and vegetables need more hours of sunlight in their growing season than they can get outside in this climate with our long winter—their seeds will not sprout in soil that is still cold in spring, so they are sprouted inside our homes and/or light and temperature controlled places. Kind of a back stage story for the theater of our very sustenance: growing food. Spring preparations are already “sprouting” at Paradise Permaculture Institute, with the upcoming event, The 2nd Annual Seed Extravaganza on Saturday, January 30. Read the full article here.

Feature article in the Park County Community Journal

“Alternative Medicine 3 – Nature”

By Joyce Johnson
Published: November 1, 2015

Plant Walks – We are moving towards the end of Autumn as this story goes into print, and snow is on the Absarokee peaks, but I must share the very recent, backstage beauty and wealth of our valley, even as cycles and seasons move on. And so do the simple gifts of Montana native, Bev Axelson, who has been studying and teaching medicinal herbs for around 20 years. Read the full article here.

Press release

Paradise Permaculture Institute Launches Paradise Transition Gardens

LIVINGSTON, MT (June 8, 2015) – Paradise Permaculture Institute (PPI) is pleased to announce the beginning of Paradise Transition Gardens, a new endeavor to help transform yards into sustainable gardens. Local homeowners desiring to move from high-maintenance traditional sod (and weeds) to a bountiful growing space that naturally builds soil and conserves water can partner with PPI for onsite learning on their property to implement a transition garden. The first Paradise Transition Gardens workshop, a Phase-One class, takes place Wednesday, June 10, from 5-9pm at a local residence. A second, one-day backyard transformation workshop, “Weeds to Garden in a Day,” is scheduled at a second property on Saturday, June 27, from 9am-5pm. [read the full release]

Feature article in the BoZone (bozone.com)


By Zelpha Boyd
Published April 2015

I’ve been fortunate to attend several workshops, over the past years, sponsored by experts who are demonstrating the best way to garden/farm. At all these gatherings are folks concerned about the environment. They are concerned about the food they eat and working toward sustainability. Among the many organizations are the Sage Mountain Center near Whitehall, Paradise Permaculture in Livingston, the Farm to Fork at Ennis, the Sabo�s near Pony, Black Robin of Bozeman and the many, many small businesses who produce for the Farmers� Markets. Read the full article here.

Feature article about PPI in the Livingston Enterprise

Fighting the flu bug with natural remedies

By Jordon Niedermeier – Enterprise Staff Writer
Published: Thu, 11/06/2014

Americans received about 120 million doses of vaccinations by mid-October in preparation for the upcoming flu season, according to the Center for Disease Control. But a dozen Livingston residents decided to take a more natural approach Tuesday night. During a class offered through Livingston Adult Community Education, Bev Axelson, medicinal herbalist for Paradise Permaculture Institute, demonstrated how to concoct simple remedies to combat influenza through prevention and treatment using herbal antivirals. [Read the full article]
PPI comment: Please note two corrections to the above article. The correct spelling of the instructor’s name is Bev Axelsen. Although PPI is pleased to post our classes through Livingston Adult Community Education, we are not affiliated with their program.