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2017 Fall and Winter Classes

Eating the Weeds Thursday, August 31, 6 – 9 pm   $25
Instructor: Bev Axelsen. We will identify, harvest and learn the nutritional qualities of selected weeds and prepare a “weed pasta” from common garden weeds; chickweed, dandelion, mustard, mallow, purslane, shepherd’s purse, nettle, pig weed (wild spinach) and sow thistle. To accompany the pasta we will make a tea from the medicinal plants in PPI gardens; again identifying, harvesting and learning the healing qualities of the plants.

Drinking the Plants  Thursday, September 7, 6 – 9pm   $25
Instructor: Bev Axelsen. We will learn the easiest and most economical way to make and have teas (infusions and decoctions) available every day. Replace unhealthy sodas and expensive “health drinks” for a fraction of the cost. Bev is an expert in knowing which plants to combine for delicious results. Replace unhealthy sodas and expensive “health” drinks” for a fraction of the cost

PermaSprouts Monday Sept 11, 10am to Noon.
Instructor: Mona Lewis. We are piloting a program for teaching permaculture to children.

Putting your Gardens to Bed & No Fail Beds for Spring! Thurs. Sept. 21, 6-7:30pm $15
Instructor: Mona Lewis. What really works for increasing produce production, enriching and “growing” soil, producing healthier plants, requiring less weeding and watering and saving time in the spring. We will prepare one garden bed for winter by creating a “no dig” garden bed for spring.

PermaSprouts Monday October 2, 10am to Noon.
Instructor: Mona Lewis. We are piloting a program for teaching permaculture to children.

Antibiotic, Anti-Viral & Immune Booster Herbs Thursday, Oct. 5, 6-9pm $25
Instructor: Bev Axelsen. We will learn the medicinal qualities, planting, & harvesting of 30 plants for our climate zone. This class provides an in depth understanding of herbs and the many ways we can use them to improve our health.

Designing Edible Backyards, Creating a Growing Space you Love!
Instructor: Mona Lewis. Thursdays on Oct 19, 26, at 6-9pm $50
This 2 day class covers developing and maintaining soil quality, finding the best watering method to suit your situation, growing with diversity to create a living regenerative system, choosing plants that benefit the each other and those you enjoy eating, creating your personal design, plus much more. Bring a “before” sketch of your property and leave with a plan!

Wild Weed Harvest Feast Sunday October 1st, 1pm Suggested donation $10-15.00
PPIs Benefit Gourmet Weed Lunch. Come celebrate the connection between wild plants, sustainable food, and our personal health!

Tincture Making … Thursday, November 2 … 6 – 9pm. $25.
The class focus will be anti-viral herb combinations; echinacea, elderberry, licorice, red root and rhodiola. We will be using the “folk remedy” maceration process, it requires minimal measurement and is good for general use by family herbalists. There is an additional charge for materials, jars and bottles for tincture making … around $20.

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Medicinal Plants in the Kitchen to be rescheduled for Fall 2017.
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